Technical parameters of Silkot Blue – a machine designed to process and reuse recycled material– waste from all-surface milling of asphalt roadways.

SILKOT machine for asphalt roadway maintenance. The machine repairs potholes and other defects of asphalt roadways. The main idea is to use the milled-off recycled material. The recycled material and the roadway surface to be repaired have the asphalt of approximately the same age and with a similar granulation curve. Our patent is based on warming-up of the recycled material to 150-160°C without burning the old asphalt.

As the machine only uses LPG, electricity and recycled material, the costs are very low and the repair is fast. The machine, operated by trained three-member staff, is capable to repair 90-100 sqm of roadway per shift. The repaired spot outlasts at least 3 years including cold winter periods. The machine can also work in winter. Cheap recycled material is used. The machine is fully self-reliant. The aforementioned advantages make the machine the best, most suitable equipment for asphalt roadway maintenance.

The machine consists of the following parts: chassis, warming-up box, electric section and gas section

a)      In accordance with the customer’s requirements there are two chassis alternatives: slow up to 40km/h and fast up to 80km/h. Also the of lorry-mounted alternative can be considered.

b)      The warming-up box volume is 1.5 m3 corresponding to 3 tons of recycled material. The warming-up box provides unique technology of recycled material warming-up to the necessary temperature of 150-160°C without impairing the asphalt part of the recycled material. The box is heated with gas burners and the proper temperature technology is controlled through electric switches