SILKOT® machine for maintenance of asphalt roads.This machine repairs potholes and other failures of asphalt roads. The basic idea is to use milled recycled material. The recycled and repaired road has approximately the same old asphalt with a similar grain size curve. The basis of our patent is to heat the recycled material to 150 -160 ° C without burning the old asphalt.

As the machine uses only LPG, electricity and recycled material, costs are very low and quick to repair. The machine with a trained three-member crew is able to repair 90 -100 m2 per shift. The repaired place will last at least 3 years, including cold winter seasons. The machine can also be used in winter. It uses cheap recycled material. The machine is fully self-sufficient. These advantages make it the best and most advantageous machine for maintaining asphalt roads.

It should also be noted that the Silkot Blue and Silkot Smart machine is a Czech product and the company Silkot servis L.t.d., which is its manufacturer and seller, holds a worldwide patent for the technology used in this unique machine. There is also great interest in Silkot machines from abroad.