Thanks to Mr. Charvát’s lifelong experience in the construction of transport infrastructure (bridges, roads, motorways, etc.), at the beginning of 2005-2006 he came up with the idea of ​​using recycled waste – waste in the milling of asphalt roads. In 4 years of testing, the first Silkot was built, which won a gold medal at the International Construction Fair in Brno.

Approximately 34 machines were sold in 3 years. Most were sold in Czech Republic, but these machines are also in Azerbaijan, Croatia, Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

For incomprehensible reasons, Mr. Charvát was deprived of his agency and all powers. After this situation, he left Siltek and transferred his share to the remaining owners.

A new company Silkot Servis was founded. This new company holds all certificates and patents.

The new machine has a special device for heat treatment of liquid propane butane and thus makes better use of gas. Therefore, the final repair is cheaper. It has its own source of electricity, making it independent. It is able to heat 3 tons of recycled material, which can extend working hours and increase performance.

There are other technical improvements that you can get acquainted with the sellers of this machine.