Basic parameters of the machine and SILKOT blue technology

1. The machine is used for road maintenance, repair of potholes and other failures of asphalt roads.

2. Repairs can also be performed in winter. The recommended lowest temperature is -5 ° C. At lower temperatures, repair is less economical.

3. The machine can be operated by 2 or 3 people.

4. The operator is able to repair 60-70m² of road in one shift.

5. The machine processes the milled recycled material (upper layer of the milled road).

6. The recycled material is heated in a heating box with six chambers, which are independently controlled.

5. When emptying one chamber, it can be switched off or filled with recycled material and further heated. LPG is saved.

6. The road is heated by means of a heating element (heating front, radiant heat), the size of the front is 1.8 × 2.4 m. For minor repairs, only half of the heating element can be used.

7. The heating tank and the heating element (front) use LPG.

8. LPG is refueled with only one refueling valve.

9. Up to 500 liters of gas can be added into two 250 l tanks in one refueling.

10. A special 230V gas evaporator is used to convert LPG to gaseous gas. This results in 100% gasification and the gas cannot freeze.

11. The machine works on the voltage 230V, which is supplied by the generator, which is part of the machine.

12. The volume of the heating tank for recycled material is 1.65 m3.

13. The weight of the machine without cartridges and the vibrating roller is 4220 kg.

14. The weight of the machine, including the filling and the vibrating roller, is 8200 kg.

15. Machine dimensions length 5236mm, width 2270mm, height 2659mm.